"Bleeding Pines of Turpentine is a model of creative advocacy for the preservation of a vital piece of North Carolina's history and cultural heritage.Ray Owen and his talented cast of artists and performers deserve great credit and praise for bringing the story to life in such a novel way, and for protecting and propagating the magnificent Longleaf pine."
           -George Holt, Director of Performing Arts & Film Programs, North Carolina Museum of Art

"Bleeding Pines of Turpentine successfully merges the artistry of the cultural theater with the nearly forgotten history of the Real Tar Heels. Set in his native Moore County, North Carolina, Ray Owen's play stems from the primary sources which describe the last Tar Heels in the largest remnant of original forest around Southern Pines - the bleeding heart of the Land of the Long Leaf Pines and the largest remnant of that original forest which spanned 93 million acres westward to the Piney Woods of east Texas. Bleeding Pines of Turpentine is more than the artistry and majesty of theater... it's a pitch for real history."
           - Earl Ijames, Curator of African American and Community History, NC Museum of History

"Bleeding Pines of Turpentine connected me to my adopted new home like nothing else could. It is not just the moving history but it is the elegance of language, the stomping your feet, and the heartfelt beauty of the wonderful voices of Together-N-Unity Choir that reach into your very soul and shake you with joy. Every aspect of dance, visuals, music and spoken word were beautifully meshed. I left knowing more about this area and it's people and I left with a far greater attachment to my new home. Do yourself a favor, see this and find some real joy."
           - Joyce Reehling, veteran stage and screen actress

"I was bowled over by Bleeding Pines of Turpentine, an emotionally-charged performance piece about North Carolina's oldest longleaf pines and the woman who risked all to save them. The Longleaf Ensemble brings this riveting story to life with their unique blend of music, poetry and striking imagery. A must see!"
           - June Guralnick, Playwright