A three-part Bleeding Pines of Turpentine documentary series by George Kingsnorth
documentary by George Kingsnorth
Still image from documentary: Ray Owen and Abigail Dowd in Northern Ireland rehearsing for a performance

Part I: Bleeding Pines of Turpentine - A Cultural Theater Performance- 26 minutes
This film introduces the cultural theater performance. Subjects: what Bleeding Pines is about, how did it start, who's involved, how is it different, where has it been, where is it going, what is its intended value. To be completed by April 4th.

Part II: The Land of the Oldest Longleaf Pines - 26 minutes
This film explains the meaning of the Bleeding Pines story, telling of the unique nature of the land & its people. Subjects: the reality behind the performance focusing on the lives of the Tarheels, their historically "blended" community and the unique nature of their woodlands. Footage from the panel discussion can be utilized, along with the new footage. The rough draft of Part 2 will be ready before April 4th.

Part III: To Save Means to Live: The Fall & Rise of Weymouth Woods - 26 minutes
This film explores the longleaf pine forest and it's decline from 93 million acres to its current range of about 2.5 million acres. The oldest remaining remnant is Weymouth Woods (approx. 635 acres), and Southern Pines is named for these woods. Subjects: the decline of the longleaf forest, current restoration efforts, and current threats, including proposed highway projects. The fate of the remaining turpentine trees will be touched upon as part of the overall discussion about the forest.

George Kingsnorth has twenty-four years experience in broadcast postproducation, editing for the BBC NI, UTV, RTE, and many independent production companies. He has written numerous short scripts, which have been put into production and screened either in film festivals or broadscast on UK television. George has been developing a number of feature films with Lawrence Kavanagh including The Icon. On his own, George has recently completed writing the treatment for a new feature film called The Fall and is working on the treatment for a third film called Spectrum. With Jeff Marshal as co-producer, Geroge has written and directed an award winning, low budget digital feature film called Fiddler's Walk. George is currently developing a low-budget full-length 3D animation feature film called The Book and is lecturer in Media Production at Newry Institute.